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Skolkovo Foundation

Skolkovo Foundation

Since 2011, IntroVision has been a member of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT-cluster.

The mission of the Skolkovo Foundation is to create favorable conditions for innovation and to promote the development of competitive high-tech world class projects in five priority fields: Energy Efficiency, Nuclear Technology, Aerospace and Telecommunications, Biomedical Technology, Strategic Computer Technologies and Software.

The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies. In the course of implementation of the project, companies that are engaged in innovative development are discovered. After a selection process, some of these become project participants of the centre. They are provided with all assistance necessary for development. The Skolkovo Foundation and its partners transform the infrastructure, resources and other possibilities of the centre, into effective services for companies that are project participants.

MSU Science Park<
MSU Science Park

The MSU Science Park Mission is to stimulate innovation within the university with activities designed to bring about structural changes in Moscow’s economy. We aim to create an environment in which the scientific potential and innovative capacity of our personnel - research scientists, post-graduate and undergraduate students of Moscow State University - can thrive and prosper.

    Guiding principles:

  • Creation of favorable start-up conditions for the subdivisions of Moscow State University that are planning to set up spin-off companies; also for scientists, post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students who are planning to set up their own high-tech businesses;
  • To create a positive environment in which existing small and medium innovation companies as well as start-up companies can co-operate with the university to make mutually beneficial use of its human resources and scientific potential.

Today, Moscow State University Science Park has more than 11,500 square meters of University accommodation, 82 small and medium scientific, technological and service enterprises operating in its grounds, and more than 2,500 employees. The value of products and services offered by companies operating in the Science Park amounts to an average of about 5 billion rubles per year.

Enterprises that are residents, former residents and partners of the Science Park regularly appear in the top ranks for innovative, high-tech companies as rated by TechUspekh, Cnews, Expert RA, Global Msk.

Kulikov Innovation Center
Kulikov Innovation Center

The Kulikov Innovation Centre is one of Russia’s first non-profit foundations for the development of a national system of innovations. It is set up to help major businesses search for and introduce effective technologies allowing them to compete more effectively in Russia and abroad. The foundation primarily focuses on helping cleantech and industrial bio-tech start-ups.

Kulikov Innovation Centre is a venture partner of RVC Seed Fund LLC. It searches for new innovative projects, helps them prepare for presentations at the Investment Committee of the Fund and then provides post-investment support.


Molten is an international consulting company specializing in strategic and organizational reforms. Molten’s consultants help fuel and energy companies improve their performance.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the market, unique combination of industry-specific knowledge, strategic reform expertise, and strong background in the fuel and energy industry, Molten’s consultants can implement strategic and operational reforms, programs in efficiency management as well as data and knowledge management to help their clients in Russia and abroad.

Ecogeos LTD
Ecogeos LTD

The Company specialises in the study of the petrophysical properties of rocks.

The use of modern equipment and new technologies allows Ecogeos LTD to carry out a broad range of analyses in traditional petrophysical laboratories, and more accurate and reliable studies in a number of key parameters.

A large number of well recognized petrophysical, lithologic and geochemical studies, as well as the proficiency of the personnel, enable Ecogeos LTD to solve not only production problems but also to carry out scientific and applied studies.