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“IntroVision” offers unique services to the oil and gas market, that are combining innovative development and traditional technologies. Being aware of the fact that each order is individual we employ different methods and solutions for obtaining maximum precise and full result.

  • IntroRock™ conducts research and development of products suitable for customer. Within the scope of different fields from project management to mathematics and physics “IntroVision” team is capable to overcome almost any difficulties on the way toward assigned task solution. Based on current pilot projects in physical processes modeling on various scales we create software and hardware and software complexes as well as developing organizational and engineering approaches for scientific, researching and managing problem solving of any difficulties.
  • IntroStorage™ – hardware and software complex, data base of all geological information about oil field. Twenty-four-hour permanent access to information about deposit’s properties for any authorized user across the globe allows to improve efficiency of complicated projects.

    IntroVision laboratories are first specialized laboratories for oil shale analysis in Russia. IntroVision team has a unique experience of Bazhenov formation analysis which allows creating one of the best laboratory facilities for unconventional reservoir analysis in the world.

  • IntroVision Lab™ contains advanced facilities for digital core model creation. Laboratory’s equipment allows in the shortest period of time to receive such important parameters of geological samples as porosity, correspondence between open and close porosity, pore size distribution as well as its reservoirs properties. IntroVision laboratory conduct detailed petrophysical, lithological and geochemical analysis of core samples weather lithified or incoherent.
  • IntroVision ML™ allows conducting express well-side core and drilling sludge analysis. Complex contains tomographic and computer equipment, software as well as geological samples analysis technology.