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Introvision technologies

The traditional physical core research has a number of disadvantages. It is extremely time consuming, expensive and results in the destruction of the samples.

Digital analysis is the only possibility to explore not easily accessible deposits such as:

  • Shale play
  • Bazhenov formation
  • Low-permeability rocks
  • Fractured carbon, including clay

IntroVision technical process

  • Core samples

    Core samples

  • CT-based lab

    CT-based lab

  • Mathematical modeling


  • Research results

    Research results

  • Enhanced oil and gas recovery

    Enhanced oil
    and gas recovery


  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Reduction of research time and receiving wider array of data compared to conventional methods
  • Best quality of Bazhenov formation and shale research in the industry
  • Effective study of enhanced oil recovery methods